Custom Fabricated Lamp Posts:

At Capital Sign, we had the distinct pleasure to work with Unicorp National Development Corporation on their Lakeside Crossing project in Winter Park Florida. The one-of-a-kind custom designed lamp posts, set the perfect tone for this development’s aesthetic.

Capital Sign designed and manufactured 14 decorative light posts that were installed along the perimeter of the development and entry ways. The light posts were designed to include hanging planters, bases to house speakers, and three internally illuminated, lantern style, light fixtures with custom lenses that immolate stained glass. Two sides of the base have a perforated metal facing to allow speakers to be mounted within the base. Irrigation tubing was installed from the base through both planter support arms.

Light Posts Details:
Overall height: 18’-6”
Base speaker enclosure height: 4’-0”
Light Fixture Lanterns: 18” x 18” x 30” height
Lenses for Lanterns: Krinklglas
Illumination: Fixtures are illuminated with white LED’s.
Finish: Support structure and lamps were powder coated black.