Exterior Wall Sign: 

The Crepevine’s logo wall sign is stand-off mounted from their storefront fascia to create a white halo illumination effect.
The copy reading “the crepevine” is fabricated of ½” thick push-thru acrylic with the face and edges being illuminated. 

Interior Signage: 

The Crepevine’s tag line, “fast fresh friendly” is fabricated of 3/4” thick acrylic and stand-off mounted to the interior wall.
Other acrylic letter sets were mounted to the tile wall behind the food preparation and serving areas to promote their menu items.
The Crepevine’s interior non-illuminated three-dimensional logo sign is a replica of the exterior wall sign except non-illuminated and is flush mounted to the interior wall. 

Custom Menu Pedestal: 

A Custom menu pedestal was designed to display their full menu behind clear acrylic.
The clear acrylic has round stainless-steel stand-off’s that allow easy replacement of the menu. 

Westside Shoppes

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