Hamlin – Winter Garden, FL

Exterior Signs, Interior Signage, Window and Wall graphics: 

The exterior wall sign is fabricated with ½” thick push-thru acrylic on a painted aluminum backer panel. The copy reading “CYCLEBAR” is both face and edge illuminated. 

The interior “Theatre” Sign is mounted above the theatre stage, and is halo illuminated with red LED’s and has 1/2” thick push-thru acrylic lettering reading “CYCLEBAR” that is face and edge lit. 

The interior Cyclebar “CB” logo sign is a special shaped channel letter logo that is reverse halo illuminated. 

The interior wall that leads to the Cyclebar’s theatre, has a custom printed 3M wall covering that was installed from finished floor to ceiling. The “Location” Stamp which consists of white lettering in a “CB” logo shape was installed on a red painted wall above their shoe cubby location. There is also interior vinyl lettering throughout the space that promote their branding. 

Westside Shoppes

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