Westside Shoppes

90 Degree L-Shaped Single Sided and Double Sided Monument Sign:

The column is the centerpiece that has a foliage design cut-out that allows the columns interior RGB color changing illumination to be seen at night.  The colors change slowly from blue, pink and golds and greens.

The top Main ID portion of the signs have a recessed area where the individual reverse illuminated channel letters are stand-off mounted.
The shopping center’s name “Westside Shoppes” are reverse illuminated with white LED’s.

The secondary ID copy reading “Venetian Isle Apartments” is manufactured with ½” thick dimensional push-thru acrylic lettering with black opaque vinyl overlay on the faces and white edge illumination.
The black vinyl allows the copy to be very legible during the daytime while creating an edge lit effect at night.

The tenant panels are manufactured of aluminum and painted with a smooth finish.
Individual tenant copy and logos are of 1/2” thick push thru acrylic that are face and edge lit.
Letter and logo faces have vinyl and laminated digital printed overlays and are internally illuminated using white LED’s.

Westside Shoppes

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