Custom Manufactured Monument Totem Sign:

The custom totem style work of art is a landmark that sits in the center of the roundabout at the subdivision entrance for Eight at East in Orlando, Florida. The “EAST” totem stands 8’-0” tall, 6’-2” in width, and 16” deep. The monument is manufactured of aluminum construction with a powder coated, crinkle textured, black satin finish.

Exterior Suspended Entrance Sign and Address Numbers:

The exterior entrance sign “Eight” is suspended above the entryway to the subdivision’s clubhouse. The letters are manufactured of ½” thick clear acrylic and painted orange, as is the address numbers “3200” that are flush mounted to the exterior stone clad column.

Interior Wall, Directional Signs & Leasing Office Wall Map:

There are several interior wall signs and directional signs throughout the property. The signs all incorporate dimensional lettering including all the details on the Leasing Office wall. Each piece was made of acrylic, painted, and flush mounted individually to the wall. The Clubhouse’s kitchen sign “Cooking” was fabricated with mirrored acrylic.